VAZOL Publicidad

VAZOL Publicidad


Vazol Publicidad needed to identify opportunity areas, trends, and markets in a local way of its services. At the same time, VAZOL was looking to potentiate its growth and positioning on digital platforms. 


We leaned in one of our three business units, New Discovery – Media, to provide Vazol Publicidad with market research, web design and positioning, digital platforms integration, and communication strategies services. Such services aided Vazol in the identification of growth areas and digital positioning on a local level. 

We provided Vazol Publicidad with a detailed market analysis, areas of improvement, and opportunities were identified to expand its local reach.  The website was designed and optimized through SEO strategies that aided in the digital positioning of VAZOL.  At the same time, we integrated them into digital platforms, where the content of interest was shared through communication strategies.  


  • Market Research
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Communication strategies
  • Integration with analytics tools
  • Integration to digital platforms
  • Digital public relations
VAZOL Publicidad
VAZOL Publicidad

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