Sigma Solutions

Sigma Solutions

Sigma Solutions is a recruitment and talent acquisition agency focused on providing customized services to the manufacturing industry on job vacancies of technical, managerial, executive levels, and leadership development on specialized positions. 


Sigma Solutions needed to improve its digital positioning to expand its market reach within the manufacturing industry. Their website required some optimizations to enhance the browsing experience and the SEO positioning. On the other hand, its social media presence needed to be standardized between its platforms to create lineal brand recognition and support content diffusion.


We performed market research for Sigma Solutions, identifying improvement and opportunity areas. The agency worked in the optimization and positioning of Sigma´s website through SEO strategies. New Discovery – Media created communication strategies for Sigma Solutions focused on the diffusion of the content of interest through their digital platforms previously optimized and aligned with each other to improve their corporate image. 

We supported Sigma Solutions in their digital positioning on the market, allowing them to be one of the main recruitment agencies for the manufacturing industry to appear in search engines. Sigma Solutions was able to identify opportunity areas and work internally in their corporate optimization. 


  • Market research 
  • Web positioning 
  • Corporate Image creation
  • Communication Strategies 
  • Integration to digital tools and platforms 
  • Ad Campaigns
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social media management
  • Corporate Portraits
  • Business Consulting

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