ICS Packaging and Logistics

ICS Packaging and Logistics

ICS Packaging and Logistics

ICS Packaging and Logistics is a National Company in the border region between Mexico and the United States, ICS Packaging and Logistics, designs, manufactures and adapts to any type of need in corrugated cardboard, wood, plastic and similar materials for the manufacturing aeroespacial, automotive, agro-industrial, medical, electronic and industry components. 


Their website was not updated and had configuration problems. It was not adequate to generate sales prospects online. There was a lack of information and photos about each current service available and 0 integration to digital platforms. 

Their sales personnel did not count with visual graphics that could aid them in the sales prospecting and sales closing processes. Even though ICS Packaging and Logistics counts with a high customer service capacity for the manufacturing industry and with over 20 years of experience, it was not positioned locally and it only counted with advertising through word of mouth and references. 


We integrated ICS Packaging and Logistics into new digital work processes. By restructuring ICS website and implementing communication strategies such as high impact media graphics, we achieved to communicate each one of the capacities of the manufacturing plants located in Juarez, Chih. and El Paso TX. region to their target audience. 

With this project, we demonstrated that the updates on content make a difference in the clients brand perception. Websites are communication funnels which should be provided with information and constant maintenance, so they can be fluid and positioned in competitive markets. 

ICS Packaging and Logistics now provides valuable services which have been properly communicated and because of that, the manufacturing industry will know their capacities and territorial scope. 

Our strategies are focused in communicating the knowledge, experience and production capacities that the company has in the cardboard and other materials packaging industry.

We have employed strategies according to the emergent market situations, potentiating their selling tools and generating content of value for their industrial clients. We have created and offered ICS Packaging and Logistic security in the processes New Discovery Media has to offer for the manufacturing industry. 


  • Research on local and international markets 
  • Structure and synergy of their philosophy and current work operations 
  • Creation of corporate branding and image. 
  • Structure and launching of an integral website page
  • Integration to digital platforms and tools 
  • Strategies to communicate capacities, materials, type of products and certificates.
  • Institutional Video 
  • Facilities photoshoot
  • Valuable media content such as blogs, videos and newsletters

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