BIO El Paso-Juárez

BIO El Paso – Ciudad Juárez


BIO El Paso-Juarez project arrived to enhance their awareness, presence and increase the medical device industry growth in the border region. All the digital networks, media content, and website needed optimization to comply with the requirements of a digital strategy and objectives focused on brand positioning.

We aided BIO El Paso-Juarez by enhancing its corporate image. We presented opportunity areas for different digital platforms that complemented their positioning.


By guiding BIO El Paso-Juárez through the process of digital transformation, they realized the benefits of using digital tools and platforms to provide valuable information to their members and community. 

With this project, we helped BIO El Paso-Juarez to strengthen its presence in the border region. By a call to action communication strategy, newsletters, social media and blog content, and the registration in strategic directories and industrial groups, we reminded their audience about the short and long-term benefits of joining this medical devices cluster. 

We helped in the 3RD Annual Medical Device Virtual Summit and Trade Show,  opening the conversation on the awareness of a healthy industrial network and ecosystem focused on the economic development of the El Paso-Juarez region led by the MCA. 

Currently, we keep supporting BIO El Paso-Juarez with their online presence and promoting the development of the medical device industry in the region. 


  • Market Research
  • Identification of opportunity areas
  • Enhancement of corporate image
  • Graphic design
  • Public Relations activities
  • Online positioning
  • Institutional Video
  • Microcontent Video
  • 3rd Annual Medical Device Virtual Summit and Tradeshow event platform
  • 3rd Annual Medical Device Virtual Summit and Tradeshow event promotion
  • Communication strategies
  • Support in the integration to digital platforms and tools 

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BIO El Paso-Juárez
BIO El Paso-Juárez
BIO El Paso-Juárez

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