Success Stories


BIO El Paso – Ciudad Juárez

BIO El Paso-Juárez is a 501c6 non-profit conceptualized by the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation. They convene industry, government, non-profit, and educational institutions with a passion for improving the region’s global competitiveness and quality of healthcare, providing a platform for enhancing the El Paso – Juarez biomedical ecosystem and accelerating the formation, expansion, and attraction of biomedical enterprises in the region.

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VAZOL Publicidad

Vazol Publicidad is a construction, remodeling, and maintenance company of outdoor advertising commercial projects.

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Enalte Desarrollos

Brief Because of Covid-19 contingency, Enalte needed to show their available houses for sale in a virtual setting and take that experience in the easiest

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Sigma Solutions

Sigma Solutions is a recruitment and talent acquisition agency focused on providing customized services to the manufacturing industry on job vacancies of technical, managerial, executive

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ICS Packaging and Logistics

ICS Packaging and Logistics is a National Company in the border region between Mexico and the United States, ICS Packaging and Logistics, designs, manufactures and

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Comercializadora GTZ

For Comercializadora GTZ NDA was their first working experience with a digital marketing agency, which allowed us to show them new perspectives and a view of growth especially in the digital aspect despite the uncertainty other local agencies have left in Juarez based businesses.

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