Participation makes a greater value

After all the time that your business model has been established concretely by creating a need for the market, comes the part of meeting the demand.

It could be that you identified this different element for your brand but despite the fact that the clients who attend your business go to try your product or service, each one has a different need to cover. 

Most clients know what their particular need is, they are experts and they know the ‘How and when?’ they want to be cared for. That is why it is very useful to listen to their opinion to:

  1. Exceed your expectations.
  2. Solve recurring problems.
  3. Increase your product portfolio.
  4. Help other clients who do not identify their primary needs.

All these actions will allow you to obtain and collect relevant data to little by little make adjustments in your internal processes, provide good communication, serving better your clients, and highlight your added value.

Keep in mind that your customers are not the only priority to obtain these insights, you can also interview family or friends who have visited your business and even your own employees because they are the face of your company, they have the first contact with your customers and see the solution to increase your positioning and sales with a better overview.


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