Offer to your market

It would be incredible if a single product is suitable and can be adapted to all consumers without making changes of any kind, but the reality is that you must be clear about what type of market you are selling to and how you offer it.

To do this, the first thing you should do is segment your market. Segmentation is a division of clients that you could have into smaller or individualized groups based on their needs, characteristics, and behaviors.

In other words, what does this mean? Imagine you go out with your friends and visit a department store. Do they all buy the same thing?

I assure you that no, since each of your friends has different tastes, preferences, sizes and budgets. Maybe they like the same brand but each one chooses a style of garment or object according to her needs. That same brand that several liked had to apply a different segmentation strategy for each product or product line that it launched and simply have a greater market reach.

To learn how to do this division better, consider the following:

Who needs my product?

Who will buy or pay for it?

Who will use it?

How much will they be willing to pay?

Where are the people who buy my product located?

For what age is my product suitable?

What lifestyle or behavior do they have?

What need does it cover?

Which functions have?

What is the element that makes it different from the others?

By answering these basic questions, you will be able to better define your market and the customers you really want to reach. An important fact is that you should know that there are more types of segmentation; If you want to know them, follow us on our social networks to discover what they are …