Phase 3

Stay up-to-date with your customer’s necessities.
  1. National Search Engine Optimization

Starting from a master keyword analysis, we prepare and improve your title tags to give you a higher-level categorization for your interest cities. This process evaluates and understands your competition map keywords to optimize your site and boost the search engine optimization with valuable content.

2. Specific Product / Service Video Content Production

Video content allows showing specific product or services benefits, attributes, or processes in a more simple way, transforming a full-length business video into short snippets to connect to consumers and have their attention as the curiosity of anyone watching.

3. Key Content Distribution

Our strategic distribution process helps your brand by being in front of the right audience, enhanced performance from every piece shared, published, and promoted on various social media platforms.

4. Industry Public Relations

The strategic communication process builds mutually beneficial relationships between your business and your public.

5. Remarketing Campaigns

We create a specific marketing campaign to retarget and show ads to people who have visited your website. These campaigns provide settings and reports specifically for reaching previous visitors and users.

6. Lead Generation Ads

New Discovery Media creates ad campaigns where you can collect data about people who clicked on your ads to build up a customer database, audience, quotation requests, and other business information.

7. Analytics Measurement 

Data analytics shows how people experienced your brand content on different platforms for a better web performance understanding.

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