Marketing Principles

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Did you know that marketing experts claim that in television 70% of viewers abandon the tv in the commercials break?  

This is because the content strategies must change according to society and in this case with each target market. Independent of the commercial sector, most of the public is in digital media and it is necessary to evolve with the most demanding consumers.

Currently, shopping habits have changed. We will teach you the basic principles that make it clear to us that there are only two fronts to follow, “adapt or let the company fall in the attempt”.

  1. The consumer has the power

With access to the internet, browsers, and new technologies, consumers have more information than you think. Your team should be prepared for consumer questions and answer what they are interested in or need. By having the correct information, you will captivate your customer and refocus it on your sales process.

  1. Offer to your market.

It would be incredible if a product could be adapted for all consumers, but the reality is that you must be clear about what type of market you are selling to and segment it according to the attributes of your product in a specialized strategy.

  1. Strategies based on value.

The objective is to focus all the forces to communicate to consumers what makes your product or service different from others. It is that unique benefit that will satisfy immediate needs.

  1. Distribution and delivery.

Important factors that influence the purchase process is the scope of distribution and delivery time of the product, as a result of this the shopping carts on websites have been increasing; Making the process of order taking, product selection, payments, and connection with parcels more efficient.

  1. Participation creates greater value.

The client knows what his need is, he is an expert and knows exactly the How? and when? Therefore, it is very useful to listen to his opinion to exceed his expectations, solve recurring problems, and increase your product portfolio.

  1. Reach out to your customer.

Use tools that are available online such as browsers, social media, and directories, but do not completely forget about the traditional tools like events and sponsorships. This is in order for your client to find you at all times and places.

  1. Metrics

If you get metrics, you can improve. This is the time to show that the information you are obtaining from your market is useful and adaptable to your needs, you will be able to detect timing, loyalty, and consumption habits to make projections of return on investment.

If you have any specific questions for your company, don’t worry! We are here to help you, get in touch and a member specialized in the subject will give you the correct answer.


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