BIO El Paso-Juárez

BIO El Paso – Ciudad Juárez

Who is BIO El Paso-Juarez?

BIO El Paso – Juarez is a non-profit organization, established within the 501c6 category and conceptualized by the Medical Center Of The Americas Foundation. 

Bio El Paso – Juarez set out to integrate institutions of the Medical Manufacturing Industry, governmental, non-profit, and educational organizations to improve global competitiveness and generate great advances in the quality of health services and products in the Juarez – El Paso border region. 

These objectives are coupled with efforts to promote the region to implement a platform that will enhance the Ciudad Juarez – El Paso biomedical ecosystem and accelerate the formation, expansion, and retention of biomedical maquiladora companies in the region.


BIO El Paso-Juarez approached our team due to the need to raise awareness among its target audience about its presence in the region, in addition to the promotion of the benefits brought consequently by the growth and arrival of investment in the medical device industry in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua and El Paso, Texas.

In technical issues, the points that we detected that needed to be worked on were to improve their digital platforms and implement a multimedia content strategy and an SEO positioning strategy. All these points needed to be worked on for an adequate brand positioning for the association and aligned with their specific objectives. 


As an initial part of the project, BIO EPJ was presented with areas of opportunity for the improvement of its corporate image, as well as appropriate digital tools and platforms to achieve the objectives efficiently. 

Overall, this project helped BIO El Paso-Juárez to strengthen its presence in the border region, one of its goals at the beginning of the collaboration. As part of the communication strategy, several points of focus were established to promote the organization’s image and presence:

  • Newsletters to key profiles were implemented.
  • Creation and dissemination of valuable content for social networks and blogs.
  • Registration in strategic directories and industry groups.
  • Encouraging the improvement of the link with the established audience, reminding them of the short and long-term benefits of membership in the medical devices cluster.

Another important effort was to create and assist in the execution of the “3RD Annual Medical Device Virtual Summit and Trade Show”. This event opened the conversation to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy ecosystem and industrial network, focused on the economic development of the El Paso – Juarez region led by the Medical Center Of The Americas.

We currently continue to support BIO El Paso-Juarez with its online presence and promote the development of the medical device industry in the region.

  • Investigación de Mercado
  • Identificación de áreas de oportunidad
  • Mejoramiento de imagen corporativa
  • Diseño Gráfico
  • Actividades de Relaciones Públicas
  • Posicionamiento online
  • Video Institucional
  • Microcontenido en video
  • Plataforma virtual para el evento "3RD Annual Medical Device Virtual Summit and Tradeshow"
  • Promoción para el "3RD Annual Medical Device Virtual Summit and Tradeshow"
  • Estrategias de comunicación
  • Apoyo en la integración a plataformas y herramientas digitales 


We invite you to visit our website for more information, discover other projects, view our gallery, and visit our business units. 

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BIO El Paso-Juárez
BIO El Paso-Juárez
BIO El Paso-Juárez

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