AIDA method

Nowadays, companies often ask how they can get their clients attention and companies are often very focused implementing strategies of their opponents or even of other companies different to their business line. Some can work but none of this, ensures success.

If you are a merchant, entrepreneur, or run a company, what we will tell you will help you get to achieve all of your goals.

Have you ever wondered: Why if you prospect, post and call your clients, your sales do not increase? The answer is simple, you have forgotten something key and basic in a corner of your strategy. 

This little but useful detail has a woman’s name and it’s called AIDA. Not that you will put an edecan in your company, that’s too cliché. 

AIDA refers to Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. Let us explain to you how this works in a fast way. 

Clients need to know you and I assure you that you are asking where they are if you are putting them all your information in your website and social media, nevertheless, if clients to not approach your business is because they don’t find you anywhere, like if you never exist. 

To have their attention you need to use images, videos and high impact elements and distribute them massively, without getting into spam. 

Now that you have their attention, the interest part comes in: Captive them, keep them busy with your content and show them the benefits of the product or service you offer. 

Create a necessity so that they always think of your brand. This is the step of the desire.

Last  but not least, use phrases that lead to an action, either purchase, share, recommend, remarketing, likes or any action your objective is. 

Remember: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. 

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