Added Value

Nowadays any product in the market has competition despite how innovative or recent it is and it is up to you to differentiate your product to your potential customers. 

This type of strategy is key to stand out, position, and have elements that help us to be the best or the first option in the market.

Well, how do we define added value?

It is an attribute or extra feature that is different from the others, either in a product or service that you offer to your consumer. It also represents something beyond what the market may be expecting.

It is usually the benefits obtained by consuming the product, whether it is healthy, gluten-free, organic. Something that is trendy or you can make it trendy. As long as it is backed by research. 

There are other examples that can be from the packaging, the sales process, the design, and customer service.

And even if your product is more expensive than your competitor’s, you can give it value by generating status of prestige and exclusivity to your users.

Make them feel that it is worth the investment they are making.

Companies that do not show additional aspects of their products are usually out of the game in a short time. 

The goal is to focus all forces to communicate to consumers what makes your product or service different from others. 

Let’s imagine you have a hamburger restaurant, there are already too many in the city and there are chains or franchises with a high positioning; How do you achieve that added value?

You can do the following:

  • Adjusting to certain schedules of companies that are around you.
  • Home delivery service.
  • Creating a menu with a variety of flavors or ingredients.
  • Promotional packages.
  • Personalized attention by the staff.
  • Keeping the establishment in optimal conditions.
  • Alliances with other companies to attract other publics.
  • The experience you create for your customer.