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It started with an innocent phone call. “Rachi, we have a production coming up this weekend with Batanga Media for Target.   We’ll be creating content about Latin Christmas traditions to be distributed by iMujer and Vix. The content is for the USA and Latin American audiences. Are you available to help out?” asked Liz Pasillas, New Discovery Media’s Producer and Co-founder.

“Hmmm… I like Latins. I like Christmas.  Sure, why not?” I responded. “I’ll be there!”

7:30 am, Day 1: Deck the cars with goods from Target


Ursula, NDM’s Art Director, answers the door of the NDM office surrounded by bags and boxes of Christmas decorations from Target.  The countless hours of pre-production and shopping for decor from Target to be used in 6 different scenes were strewn about their faces.  Like a herd of reindeer, we headed out, cars loaded with gear and goodies to make.

img_05414:00 pm, Day 1: Navidad, Navidad, Target, Navidad

I start questioning if Jonalex  Herrera, NDM’s CEO and Director, has taken Elf classes in Santa’s workshop for the sheer amount of jolliness he exudes while directing two young talents as they act to open gifts, “woooow, that’s so cool!”.  

10:00 pm, Day 1: Bah, Humbugimg_3912

Feet throbbing, and head drooping, my Christmas spirit has been reduced to one phrase “ho, ho, holy Santa that was an exciting day.” After filming non-stop, NDM’s Director of Photography Ron feels no remorse as he enjoys a second piece of flan taken from the “Christmas dinner” scene.  We all rejoice in a successful first day.



12 pm, Day 2: Rockin’ Around the Latin Traditions

Lights, camera, tamales. To achieve Batanga’s mission of reinforcing identity and inspiring their English, Spanish, and Portuguese speaking audience, we recreated traditions like Nochebuena, breaking of a piñata and most importantly, moments with family.


7:30 pm, Day 2: Oyes lo que I?

A parranda scene with typical Latin instruments jingled all the way to the end of the production target_picday where one more happy client put New Discovery Media on their “nice” list.  “It’s a wrap” said our Director Jonalex Herrera, “thanks to everyone that made this project possible, without you, it couldn’t have been done.”   In the spirit of Christmas, we each came to this production with gifts to share for the sake of creating memories, and memories we created.

Merry Navidad from NDM, Batanga Media and Target!


Enjoy some the videos here:

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